Discover specialised equipment for vehicle smash repair at competitive prices. A comprehensive range of essential smash repair equipment to restore the vehicle to its original condition.


High-quality paint supplies to cover every aspect of vehicle smash repair. Premium range of paint for minor touch-ups and complete vehicle painting.


A complete range of consumables for reliable smash repairs available at an affordable price. Choose from our wide range of smash repair consumables to get the results you are looking for.

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Panel Beating and Body Shop Supplies

Crash Supplies is a one-stop shop for all your panel beating and body shop supplies needs. Our extensive range of products is carefully selected to ensure that we provide only the best quality supplies to our customers. We understand that having the right supplies is crucial for any panel beater or body shop, and that’s why we offer a wide variety of products to cater to all needs.

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Our panel beating supplies include everything from abrasives, fillers, and masking products to spray guns, air tools, and welding equipment. We also stock a wide range of body shop supplies, such as paints, primers, and clear coats, as well as buffing and polishing products to give your finished repairs a flawless finish.

At Crash Supplies, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with exceptional service and high-quality products. Whether you’re a professional panel beater or a DIY enthusiast, we have the right products to help you get the job done right. Shop with us today and experience the Crash Supplies difference!

Safety Products

At Crash Supplies, we understand that safety is a top priority in any panel beater or body shop. That’s why we offer a range of safety products to ensure that you and your team are protected at all times. Here are some of the safety products we offer:

  • Masks: Our masks provide protection against dust, fumes, and other harmful particles in the air.
  • Goggles: Our goggles protect your eyes from flying debris, chemicals, and other hazards.
  • Breathing Apparatus: Our breathing apparatus provides fresh, clean air in environments with poor air quality.
  • Acid-Resistant Gloves: Our acid-resistant gloves protect your hands from harmful chemicals and acids.
  • Safety Eyewear: Our safety eyewear provides additional protection for your eyes against flying debris, chemicals, and other hazards.
  • Welding Blankets: Our welding blankets protect against sparks and heat during welding processes.

Other Products

In addition to our range of safety and panel beating supplies, Crash Supplies also offers a range of other products to help you get the job done right. Here are some of the other products we offer:

  • Spray Equipment: Our range of spray equipment includes spray guns, air compressors, and hoses to help you achieve the perfect finish on your paintwork.
  • Painting Accessories: Our painting accessories include masking tape, sandpaper, and mixing cups to help you prepare and apply paint with ease.
  • Car Care: Our car care products include everything from detailing sprays to upholstery cleaners to keep your customers’ vehicles looking their best.
  • Air and Power Tools & Equipment: Our range of air and power tools includes everything from grinders and sanders to drills and impact wrenches to help you tackle any repair job.
  • Adhesives and Sealants: Our range of adhesives and sealants includes everything from body fillers and glues to silicones and caulking to help complete repairs with ease.

Why Choose Us as Your Crash Supply Expert

At Crash Supplies, we have been the major supplier to the crash repair industry in South Australia and the Northern Territory for over 55 years. Here are some reasons why you should choose us as your crash supply expert:

Wide Range of Products: We carry over 10,000 products in stock and can provide whatever you need to efficiently panel beat or paint your vehicle.

Experience: Our experience and knowledge in the industry mean that we understand the needs of our customers and can provide them with the best products and services possible.

Special Offers: To celebrate the launch of our new website, we are offering a free Juice t-shirt when you buy any one of these Juice products with a buff pad for $65.00 incl GST. You can save $30.00 on this deal! Check out our eBay store for other great offers and clearance lines.


Love the place to do my shopping and the girl in the front she's very cute and cutey im going to take her out soo hahah nah but yeh very reasonable price and very helpful i always do my shopping there
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Noah El Hage
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John T
Would rate higher if I could, amazing service and fast turn around on the product I needed
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Paul Scherek
Brilliant service above and beyond. Took on a supplier who kept sending us out of date adhesive and won, getting us product with a great use-by date. If only more suppliers were as good as Jeff at CSV!


Crash Supplies is a family-owned business that has served Australian customers for over 30 years.

Wide Range of Products

We carry a large number of products in stock and can provide whatever you need to efficiently panel beat or paint your vehicle.

Best Brands

We supply products from some of the best brands including 3M, Teroson and Juice.


Our experience and knowledge in the industry mean that we understand the needs of our customers and can provide them with the best products and services possible.