3m Blending Disc 1000# 6” 150mm (50341)


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3M Foam Trizact disc for use in scuff sanding blend panels prior to painting. Use with 3M Hookit Disc Pad (PN 05551) and 3M Hookit  Soft Interface Pad (PN 05777)

The unique pyramid construction of Trizact abrasives ensures even wear and long life providing a consistent scratch depth throughout the sanding operation. The new Trizact blending disc 50341 uses the 3M Hookit Fixing System and is compatible with all 3M™ 150mm Back-up Pads.

  • 3M(TM) Trizact(TM) technology gives the most consitent finish of all blend prepartions
  • Soft foam backing preserves orange peel for better texture matching
  • Use Damp to prevent loading and extend the life of the product

Suggested Applications

  • Designed for keying panels prior to the applications of clear coat or before blending.


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