3m Buff Pad Blue 6” 150mm (33286)


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3M (33286) 150mm Foam Polishing Pad – Blue

3M Perfect-It Ultrafine Polishing Pad helps to eliminate swirl marks on painted surfaces, even on difficult dark colored cars. Featuring a unique waffle face design that holds liquid polish, this pad applies polish evenly without releasing excess polish that may cause ripples in the finish.


  • Provides soft, smooth surface for applying 3M Perfect-it polishes
  • Used to help eliminate swirl marks and apply high gloss finishes
  • Waffle face provides sufficient contact surface while holding polish well
  • Inset design allows the use of 3M Hookit back up pads without adding bulk

Suitable For:

  • Cured Paint, Fresh Paint Finishes, Medium Paint Finishes, Paint Finishing & Detailing, Scratch Removal, Swirlmark Removal


  • Attachment Type: Hook & Loop, Quick Connect
  • Overall Diameter: 150mm
  • Rate of Cut: Least Aggressive
  • Type: Buff Pad, Polishing, Ultrafine Polishing


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