3m Dirt Trap Clear Film Dispenser (36863)


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3M™ Dirt Trap Clear Film Dispenser conveniently stores and dispenses 3M™ Dirt Trap Clear Film. Our dispenser comes with high-strength magnets that secure the unit on vertical metal surfaces while the clear film is dispensed and applied. Use this accessory with 18 inch wide rolls of clear film to protect lights and windows from overspray.

3M™ Dirt Trap Clear Film Dispenser makes it easy to unroll just the right length of 18″ wide 3M™ Dirt Trap Clear Film (sold separately), which is specifically designed to protect lights and windows from overspray buildup in a paint booth or garage. The clear film will not block light from a bulb or window, but creates a protective barrier that can be peeled away once an overspray buildup develops. Our dispenser is made from metal for durability and comes with high strength magnets that secure it on vertical metal surfaces. Simply place the dispenser where desired and unroll the film. The magnets allow relocating the dispenser to another site if desired.

Unprotected lights and windows in an area where paint is being sprayed are likely to become coated with overspray, which can obscure light sources over time. Shielding lights and windows is easy with 3M™ Dirt Trap Clear Film. The film comes with an adhesive backing that clings to surfaces, eliminating the need to fasten the film with tape or other attachment methods. The adhesive is specially formulated to release when pulled by hand, allowing easy removal of film coated with paint overspray, dust or dirt. What’s left behind is a clean light bulb or window that does not need time-consuming and labor intensive cleaning by scraping off a layer of paint.

Directions for installing 3M Dirt Trap Clear Film
Important – Scrape and clean glass surfaces thoroughly before installation

Cover the edge of the installation squeegee with 3M™ Dirt Trap material to reduce the drag on the clear film
Place dispenser (PN 36863) below the window or light
Pull film up and over glass and use the squeegee to apply
Start at the top near the center and work out to the edges as you smooth and remove air pockets and wrinkles
Trim edges with a cutter
Optional – Installation may be done using glass cleaner or water/alcohol solution to improve film handling.
Replace film when heavily coated with overspray

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