3m panel bond adhesive (08115)


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3M 08115 : 200ml Duo Pack cartridges (2/1 ratio by volume)
3M 08117 : Manual applicator gun
3M 09930 : Pneumatic applicator gun
2) Description and end uses
3M 08115 is a two-part epoxy adhesive which provides high performance bonding.
3M 08115 is designed to bond steel, aluminium and SMC. The Panel Bonding
adhesive can be used in the replacement of automotive quarter panels, door panels,
roof panels and other outer body sheet metal.
DO NOT USE on structural components such as pillars, sills, core support etc.
3) Physical Properties
Base (B) Hardener (A)
Chemistry Toughened epoxy Modified Amine
Color Black Butterscotch
Consistency Viscous paste Viscous paste
Specific gravity 0.96 1.20
Mix ratio by weight 172 parts 100 parts
Mix ratio by volume 200 parts 100 parts
Pot life (23°C) 20g 60 min
Mixer dwell time (23°C) 30min
Working time (23°C) 90 min


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