3m Y Piece for Vac (33652)


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  • Allows two hoses to be connected to 3M™ 45-litre dust extractors, allowing two tools to be used simultaneously
  • Durable plastic connector with dual o-rings forms a seal when attached to the dust extractor
  • Connector has spring-loaded clapet valve which seals an unused hose port
  • Part of the 3M™ Clean Sanding System, a complete solution with dust extractors, sanders, abrasives, and personal protective equipment

The 3M™ Dust Extractor Y-Connector, 33652, allows a 3M™ Dust Extractor to support two vacuum tools at the same time. The user can connect two tools simultaneously. The connector’s built in clapet valve provides a firm seal when only one hose is connected. Dual o-rings forms a seal between the Y-Connector and the dust extracto


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