ANI Spray Gun Clear 1.3mm (AH1501031A)


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A.N.I. F160 Silver HPS Full-Sized Gravity Spray Gun

Our opinion: Fantastic value, high-quality internal components. Tested and endorsed by us and independent reviewer ‘The Gunman’. See his YouTube channel for his full verdict here: P.S. he now likes the 1.3mm we sent him for clear (also good for solvent basecoat in 1.3mm). Also good with water.

A.N.I. F160 PLUS-S HPS Spray Gun is a high detailed spray gun. Care and attention to detail go into testing each spray gun and elevated production technology allows the F160 PLUS spray gun to offer a perfectly balanced quality to price ratio. The protective PTFE treatment combined with the highest quality materials, such as stainless steel, PTFE, and aluminium, guarantees an extremely long product life.

– 7.77 cfm

– Made in Italy

– Precision engineered components

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