Booth Filter 7mtr Long Various Sizes


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Floor Spray Booth Filter Media

2″ GREEN Low-weight medium, for light-duty and non-contiguous operations:

Ideal for car refinishing booths. FV is the well-known, versatile and cost-effective medium also known as Paintstop.

Manufactured in three different grades and in many standard roll widths, FV removes both industrial dusts and fine and dry paint mists: Within a pressurised down draft spray-booth (the classic painting cabin of car repair workshops).

FV, laid underneath the floor grating, intercepts over 90% of overspray suspended in the exhausted air.
Beneath the return gratings of prep-stations, FV collects any other dust from substrate preparations.
In cross-draft, dry-type spray-booths for industrial painting of metals, wood, plastics, FV is applied onto the supporting grid of the air suction wall, just behind the object being painted.

A technically advanced manufacturing process transforms pure glass beads into these lofty non-woven blankets being made of thousands of endless, curly, resilient glass fibres (diameter > 20 μm).

These non-breathable, macro-filament media are recognised by leading Health Authorities worldwide, as non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, furthermore, they are non-corrodible and do not propagate the flame.

To avoid skin/eye irritation by contact, wearing suitable protective garments when handling FV media is recommended


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