Booth Filter Consitina Filter 90cm x 9.6mtr (AND900)


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Up to 98% filtration efficiency.
Outlasts other filters three to five times.
High loading capacity – longer working life – low pressure drop.
Expansion strapping ensures correct spacing of filter corrugations.
Filter marked at every foot for ease of cutting.
Concertina design reduces storage and transportation costs.
Four face filtration.
Bright white spray face – improves spraybooth lighting conditions.
Made at the Binks factory in Scotland
Stapled construction for strength and longer life.

Binks disposable paper filter consists of 2 sheets of heavy cardboard paper formed into double accordion type folds with staggered holes to provide a highly efficient filter. Paint laden air is drawn into the filter by the spraybooth fan and is forced to change direction four times causing particulate to adhere to the surfaces of the filter before exhausting to atmosphere. The large air openings in the filter allow high volumes of air to be exhausted without loss of efficiency as the media ‘loads’, resulting in a much longer life than other filter systems.

Filter Construction: Self supporting, two ply high strength cardboard paper. Bright white finish.
Air Flow Rates: 100-200 feet per minute (0.5 – 1.0 metres per second) Normal 140 fpm (0.7 ms)
Pressure Differential: Initial @ 0.75 M/S = 30 PA (0.12″ SWG) MAXIMUM 130-250 PA (0.52″-1.0″ SWG)
Temperature Range: MAXIMUM 180°C (356°F)
Expansion Limiter: Expansion limiting straps ensure correct pleat guaranteeing optimum density of 8 corrugations per running foot (30.4cm)

Further Information

  • Filter Size: 0.9 x 9m


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