Finixa Waterbased Degreaser (DGR05)


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  • The versatility of our water-based degreaser is remarkable as it effectively eliminates dirt, dust, swarf, and grease from various surfaces including old paint layers, primers, metal (steel, aluminium and galvanized pieces) and plastic.
  • It serves as an excellent substitute not just for other water-based degreasers, but also for solvent-based silicone removers. Moreover, our product offers exceptional performance, serving not only as the ultimate step in degreasing for water-based lacquers.
  • To remove residues of tar or glue we recommend to use our cleaner with scuff rolls (SBR 10-20-30).

Why you should use a water-based degreaser instead of a solvent-based degreaser:

  1. Eliminates salt and soap rests
    By using 2 cloths, the water-based degreaser removes all dirt from the surface without leaving any traces.
  2. Can be used without mask or gloves
    Next to being nature friendly, the water-based degreaser can be used without any protective gear.
  3. Antistatic action on the surface
    Compared to solvent-based degreasers, the water-based degreaser completely nullifies any static action on the surface.
  4. Does not affect rubber or plastic
    The water-based degreaser does not affect rubber or plastic, while solvent-based degreasers almost always cause damage to the surface.

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