Iwata Amaxi 1.8mm Primer Kit (AMPRIMERKIT)


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AZ3 Series 2 HTE Spray Gun with 600ml Pot

  • The AZ3 is a mid range gravity feed spray gun with many of the features of more expensive spray guns
  • A traditional centre feed gravity design
  • The series 2 has all new aircaps and a redesigned body for increased operator comfort
  • Uniformly shaped spray pattern with a wetter core even with higher viscosity coatings
  • High material transfer, in excess of 65%
  • All stainless steel fluid passages for use with either solvent or waterborne products
  • The 1.8mm model is a must have in every automotive body shop  for the application of 2K primers and surfacers
  • Suitable for use in automotive repair,

Amaxi Primer Gun Kit Includes:

-AZ3 1.8mm Spray Gun with Pot

-Amaxi “Long One” Block

-Amaxi “Big One” Block

-Amaxi “Standard One” Block

-Amaxi “Small One” Black

– Limited Edition Amaxi Spray Suit


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