Juice Flat Matt Scuffing Paste Scuff Stuff (JPFVMP3KG)


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Flat Matt II Scuffing Paste
Juice triple action Flat Matt II scuffing paste, abrades, cleans and degreases in one easy step. Flat Matt II enhances coating adhesion by creating a smooth even surface. For use on all refinish paint surfaces including Water Based HS, MS and OEM finishes.

Technical Data
Shake well before use. Clean surface thoroughly, apply Flat Matt II to a damp scouring pad or directly to panel. Using medium to firm pressure abrade surface using even strokes in a criss cross pattern until the desired matt finish is obtained. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Surface is now ready for paint process.

Water- based: Easy to wipe off from prepared surfaces, leaving no residues to impair paint adhesion.

Plastic -Prep: Ideal for cleaning and abrading plastic bumpers and rubber parts prior to painting.

No Staining on rubber mouldings or trims. Silicone free.

Available sizes: 3kg.


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