MIPA Protecter Kit Black Ute Liner (PROTECTBLK)


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Heavy-duty surfaces require special protection. Trailer and truck beds, entry sections, off-road and commercial vehicles as well as under bodies are exposed to extreme stresses and should nevertheless keep a perfect look.

Mipa Protector is a 2K textured coating, which has been developed especially for these segments. The simple mixing ration of 3 : 1 with Mipa 2K-HS-Härter (hardener), the direct mixture in the can of the paint as well as the easy and safe application by spray gun or underbody gun make this product very easy to use for everyone. The coat thickness of 300 µm smooths uneven surfaces and creates a satin matte topcoat with a uniform texture. The high surface hardness, excellent UV and chemical resistance as well as durable protection against water and heat protect the painted objects.

4 x 750 ml Mipa Protector
4 x 250 ml Mipa H 10

Mipa Protector is the easy and safe solution to protect highly stressed surfaces!




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