Rocker Switch ON/OFF (3351-081-92)


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Product Details

RS PRO Illuminated DPST, On-None-Off Rocker Switch


When you need a power switch that’s easy to see, use this RS PRO product. It has a red actuator button that’s illuminated, so it will stand out on your panel. The rocker design is highly tactile and comes ready labelled with universal on and off symbols, making it simple to use.
This single throw switch is quick to install with moulded snap fittings and quick-connect tabs to minimise machine or appliance downtime. An expected mechanical lifespan of 50,000 cycles makes it a long-lasting switch for controls that are frequently used.
This product has been thoroughly tested. It meets British Standard EN 61058 as a safe appliance switch and additionally meets both CE (European Conformity) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) product safety standards, so it’s suitable for use throughout Europe and the USA. Illuminated rocker switches are useful on computers, peripherals and medical instrumentation.


Features and Benefits


• Voltage rating of 125 V, 250 V AC
• Red actuator colour
• Rectangular actuator shape
• Double pole, single throw (DPST) contact configuration
• Contact current rating of 20 A
• Illuminated
• On-None-Off switch operation


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