Rupes Back Up Pad To Suit Big Foot (981.340N)


  • Multihole pad The new multiholes design  makes this device highly suitable for all drilled, micro-drilled and mesh abrasive discs.
  • Unique thermo-plastic abrasion-resistant spoiler characterized by extraordinary resistance. The patented spoiler works as friction surface for the “anti-spinning” shroud and allows vacuum for the perpendicular holes.
  • Thermo-plastic material designed to guarantee greater stability and mechanical reliability.
  • Co-molded polyurethane: the technology to improve the reliability of the pad. Available soft or hard.
  • The high performance Velcro face material gives a greater mechanical resistance and a longer life, especially along the edges of the
  • backing plate. Good stability of the abrasive disc while working and easy replacement.

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Weight 1 kg


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