Sia 37mm 2500# Denibbing Paper (7970.2500)


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  • the first choice for first-class wet sanding results
  • As a leading wet use abrasive, the 1913 siawat aluminium oxide series has been producing outstanding results for years thanks to such outstanding properties as high stock removal rates, optimal water resistance, long life and flexibility.

Product Information

Brand Sia
Color Red
Diameter 1-3/8 Inch
Grit 2500

Product Information

  • Very high removal rate
  • Extremely long lifetime
  • Highly water resistant
  • Highly adaptable to contours and shapes
  • May be used wet or dry
  • The market-leading wet abrasive for years

Suggested Application

  • Sanding down coatings and impurities
  • Sanding out unevenness at the edges of repaired surfaces
  • Flatting of body filler and primer filler
  • Fine sanding of primer filler
  • Keying old and new lacquers
  • Removal of paint runs, orange-peel effect and dust inclu

Additional information

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