Sia Sanding Disc 150mm Pkt of 5 Discs ( 40# – 400# )


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1948 Siaflex Sanding Discs is an all-round series for wet and dry sanding.

1948 siaflex produces outstanding results in all available grits and in a variety of automotive applications.

  • High performance for stock removal with good finish
  • Highly flexible and adaptable to contours
  • Long lifetime
  • Suitable for general use in dry and wet sanding applications
Technology: Open coating; S Performance; siafast; siasoft
Disc Attachment siafast, hook and loop
Materials: Colour; Primer filler; Putty; Paints; Old lacquer; Primer coat; Epoxy primer coat; Cathodic dip primer coat; Plastics; Acrylic glas; Gelcoat polyester; Glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP); Composite; Aluminium; Steel
  • Sanding off coatings and impurities
  • Sanding out unevenness at the edges of repaired surfaces
  • Flatting bodyfiller and primer filler
  • Fine sanding primer filler
  • Keying old and new lacquers
  • Removing orange peel effect and dust inclusions

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40, 60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400


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