Soudal Seam Sealer Brushable 1kg (102352)


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SYNTHETIC RUBBER based sealant for welding seams. Quick drying. Can be
applied horizontally as well as vertically. No filamenting. Resists water, fuels and mineral oil. Permanently elastic. Excellent adhesion.
Can be applied in beads as well as wide layers . Available in sprayable and brushable versions. The brushable version can also be applied with airless spraying equipment. The sprayable version is applied using a specialist
sealing gun.
• Synthetic rubber based sealant
• Resists water, fuels and mineral oil
• Permanently elastic
• Excellent adhesion
• Brushable and sprayable versions available
For the sealing of car body seams, such as metal overlaps, welded and
folded seams, in boot and engine space, in doors and for various seam
seals in the automotive and transport industries.

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