Spray Gun 2mm Suction (K300S-20)


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Superbly balanced spray gun suitable for applying finishing coats. Suitable for a wide range of materials. Suction provides a mild agitating action to the fluid as the gun is being used. Suction Feed Spray Guns can carry larger amounts of paint while retaining gun stability. The configuration of the fluid pot offers access to tighter working spaces. Achieves quality finishes with light viscosity paints or stains. Suitable for adhesive coatings, specialised coatings or textured finishes.

The quality of the components in the GRP Spray Guns are second to none. High Volume Low Pressure (H.V.L.P.) technology, uses high volumes of air at low pressure to atomise mediums such as paint or varnish. The benefit of this technology is high transfer efficiency, which means finer atomization with less overspray than conventional (L.V.H.P.) spray guns.


– Air Inlet: ¼” NSP.
– Fluid Inlet: 3/8” NPS.
– Air Consumptions: 250 L/Min (HP)/200 L/Min (HLVP).
– Pattern width: 300 – 320mm.
– Working Pressure: 30 – 43 PSI (HP)/ 15 – 28PSI.


– Lightweight ergonomic design.
– Ideal for Medium to Large paint jobs.


– Heavy viscosity fluids.
– Acrylics.
– Enamels.
– Primer.
– Glue.
– Stains.


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