Transtar 2:1 Primer Grey (TS4603)




2 in 1 Primers are a specialty coating designed for easy and convenient priming
of metal and plastic parts. These primers help prevent rust and seal out moisture,
while providing a smooth base for topcoat application on metal substrates. They
have excellent flexibility and adhesion properties that enable them to be applied to
flexible and rigid parts.
Mix Ratio
Ready to use.
Suitable Substrates
• Raw plastic – rigid (SMC, BMC) • Bare steel • 1K primer
• Raw plastic – flex (ABD, PPO) • Bare galvanized • 2K primer
• Raw plastic – soft (PUR) • Bare aluminum • Self etch primer
• Plastic part- primed • OEM E-coat • Body filler
• OEM finish & old paint work – non-reversible
Note: Aftermarket E-coat must be solvent tested with Transtar Urethane Grade Reducers 6700 or 6700-F
Series in an inconspicuous spot before application of new coating.
Note: Due to the diverse nature of plastics, always test plastic substrate for acceptable adhesion. Adhesion
promoter maybe required for proper adhesion.
Note: Test pre‐primed panels with acetone or paint thinner. If coating fails, strip panel to bare plastic & follow
SOP 251 for Raw Plastic.
Surface Prep & Application
Clean surface with SCAT 6311, Speedi SCAT 6321 or Aqua SCAT 2 1391/1394 and
wipe completely dry. Sand substrate with 240 grit paper and mask off repair area.
Shake can well. Hold can upright 8 – 12 inches from surface to be primed. Apply 2 – 3
medium wet coats, allowing 5-10 minutes of flash time between coats. Allow to dry
for 15 – 20 minutes before sanding. Sand with 320-400 (dry) or 500-600 (wet) grit
sandpaper until a smooth surface is attained. Re-clean with SCAT, wipe area with a
tack cloth and apply top coat paint per manufacturers instructions.
Flash Times/Dry Times
Flash time …………………….5 – 10 min
Dry to sand……………………15 – 20 min


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