3m Fine Line Tape 6mm beige (tfl14)


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3M Scotch Fine Line Tape 218 is a high-performance film backed tape with low profile and high adhesion to achieve excellent paint lines and for other masking and holding applications.Scotch Fine Line Tape 218 will give an excellent colour line separation due to its thinness. Performs well for long straight lines, yet the specialty processed film backing stretches easily for smooth curves.Specially processed film backing will allow taping over fresh paint jobs sooner than paper tapes with less chance of imprint damage.• Provides excellent moisture and solvent resistance• Should not be subjected to outdoor exposure• Green, 97 micron polypropylene film backing with 30 micron rubber adhesive, up to 121 °C for 30 minutes• Natural rubber adhesive for good instant adhesion• Excellent colour line separation due to thin plastic backing• Easy tear, pressure sensitive• Tape – 6mm x 55m

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