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3M™ Flexible Plastic Patch, a popular repair material for automotive bumpers, reinforces the inside of a two-sided plastic repair where the damage has penetrated through the plastic material. Our flexible patch measures 10cm by 20cm and provides a strong backside reinforcement repair for most plastics. Includes 6 flexible TPO patches and 6 adhesion promoter packets.

3M™ Flexible Plastic Patch provides added strength to reinforce bumper repairs where the damage has gone through to the backside. Our patching material is ideal for bumpers that have been cracked from a minor parking lot accident. When that happens simply patching the front side may not provide adequate strength. 3M™ Flexible Plastic Patch goes on the backside to stabilize the bumper. In addition to bumpers, our flexible TPO (Thermoplastic PolyOlefin) patches are also recommended for repairing wheel flares, splash shields and other cosmetic parts that are flexible or semi-flexible.

Stabilizing the backside with our bumper repair patches should be completed before doing front side repair work. Fortunately, applying the patches is a quick and easy task. One of the biggest time savers comes from not having to do any sanding to ensure proper adhesion.

Applying the bumper repair patch is basically a 5 -step process:

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