3m Manual Applicator Gun 50ml (08190)


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3M Performance Manual Applicator for 50ml

3M Standard, Performance and Premium Manual Applicators provide fully portable application of 2-part adhesives for auto maintenance and repair jobs. Designed for use with 3M cartridges as small as 37.5ml, these applicators dispense correctly mixed two-part bonding agents with no measuring – maximum efficiency on individual repair orders or where very little space or equipment is available.
  • Works with 1:1 and 2:1 3M cartridges to dispense a variety of bonding agents, increasing shop capability
  • Designed for use with smaller 37.5ml & 47.3ml cartridges
  • Heavy duty plastic construction
  • Rod driven for balanced product dispensing
  • Premixes two-part adhesives right from the cartridge, saving time and money
  • Manual application – no extra equipment required, maximizing efficiency on individual repair orders

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