Air Fitting 1/2 Nitto Female Adaptor (08-NH-40PF)


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The Nitto design copy BSP female plug is a versatile and dependable pneumatic accessory designed to ensure secure and leak-free connections in compressed air systems. Designed by Nitto, a trusted name in pneumatic solutions, this female plug effortlessly joins with compatible male fittings, providing a robust and reliable connection for various applications. Count on this female plug to deliver efficient air tool connectivity and hassle-free operation.

– Applications diversify from general household to high-tech industries such as in oceanic and space development.
– Numerous sizes are available for various needs.
– Wide varieties of body materials such as steel, brass, plastic, aluminum or stainless steel are available.


Size range: 1/4″ (8mm) x 1/2″ (15mm)

Type: Female BSP to Barb

Material: Steel


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