AutoKlean Gold Wash 20Ltr (Gold-20)


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Gold Wash, formerly Bulldog Gold, is a highly active, solvent fortified car and truck wash that is used either by hand washing or through automatic or self serve car washes.

Gold Wash is a Vehicle Wash that has some very unique properties. It has a specific natural solvent added that disolves road grime, bug splatter and exhaust carbons without fear of damage to paintwork or polished aluminium. Used extensively through commercial car washes Gold has the ability to be used as a Foam Brush and HP Soap as well as the main soap in a tunnel application. Great foam characteristics, pleasant citrus fragrance and exceptional cleaning power makes Gold a great choice. Gold is also a very popular Truck and Boat wash where soils are tougher to remove. Again the cleaning power ensure great results and will not degrade paintwork or streak polished alloy. It has superior cleaning ability when used in hard or bore water applications. Fully Biodegradable and Quick Breaking. Available in 5L, 20L, 200L, 1000L IBC.

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