Cam Fine Filler 2.2kg (cups)


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CAM Ultra Fine Glazing Putty is a specially formulated two component white polyester stopper and surfacing filler for the autobody painter. Ultra Fine provides the highest quality requirements with the selected filling materials and resins combined to provide a filler of an especially creamy, smooth character with a highly dense surface. The thixotropy is graduated to fill not only pinholes and shallow scratches or sanding marks but also for filling deeper dents on vertical surfaces.

CAM Ultra Fine Glazing Putty is a produced and filler under vacuum. This ” state-of-the-art” production guarantees that the air is eliminated and the material is totally pinhole free.
Decades of experience have proven that a product of this type is the optimum filling material for the auto body painter. The quality of this filler is without comparision and any professional painter, having used it, would not want to be without it
Because of its creamy, smooth character, this fine filler-stopper is mainly used for surfacing general purpose fillers or filling shallow dents in body work. However, it has a dual roll and can be used to fill slight scratches and dents as well.
Do not use this product over acrylic systems, acrylic primed painted surfaces or acid based etch primers.

  • 2 pack fine filler, highly dense surface
  • Vacuum packed to eliminate pinholes
  • Fills pinholes, scratches, sanding marks
  • Smooth & creamy, easy to sand

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