Melomotive Metal Filler Curved Applicator 011-0135


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Lets face it, when it’s time for bodywork, it’s time to spread body filler. On the build of a car this is the most time consuming process. So lets get smart about how we apply filler.

Using the most accurate filler applicator possible will dramatically reduce application time, save material, create less mess, less sanding, and ultimately achieve accurate body work with less effort.

This applicator set goes back to the grass roots of car design. The shapes here are derived directly from clay modelling studios where the initial car design is created before it has even been manufactured. These profiles have been used to create surfaces in car design all over the world for decades. Makes complete sense to use them for car restoration.

Accurately apply filler into trickle reverse curves fast, and dramatically reduce shaping and sanding times.

2 piece kit

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