Resto Finish After Blast 1L (011-0657)


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RestoFinish AfterBlast is a single stage, bare metal preserver. Designed to protect and preserve bare steel from surface rust and oils during temporary storage and handling. AfterBlast is also the perfect temporary sealer for “cut throughs” to metal during the “RestoFinish Process”.

APPLICATION: AfterBlast is ready to use, no mixing or dilution required. One thin even coat is all that is required. Ensure surface is free from rust, paint, dust and previous coatings. (If surface rust is present, use RestoFinish RusGo as per TDS). Remove sanding debris, blow down with clean dry air and clean surface with RestoFinish Metal Cleaner as per TDS to ensure surface is free from any contaminants.

SPRAY: Apply one even coat with consistent overlap. NOTE: One even coat is ideal.

WIPE: Using a clean disposable cloth, decant required amount into a Dangerous Goods compatible container. Dampen cloth and wipe surface with one medium coat. Add more as required.

When ready to overcoat, please refer to RestoFinish Epoxycoat TDS.

Excessive use or wet coats can create discoloration. Discoloration can also occur when metal is not previously cleaned and AfterBlast reacts with contaminants on surface. Wear protective gloves and use a clean disposable cloth.

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